Wednesday, August 20, 2008

relax jue...

salam and hi everyone,

i was having a very pathetic day yesterday...finally, our theatre program has been cancelled and will be postponed to next semester which i think there would be more problem we would encounter in next sem..this is so not fair, imagine the mainboard has started working even before the beginning of sem 1..even during our break..and what hurt even more is when they've followed every single procedures they had to..but it turn out to be this way..can anyone explain why is this happening?yes probably this was due to what had happened last 2 sem where they (stad) finally decided to stop us from performing and banned us..however, it has been 2 sems long and we really regret jgn la last minute br nak ckp ade bnda lagi yg mereka tak puas hati..even if they approve our working paper to the very last minute, kami dah takde mase untuk book venue, lighting dan sebagainye..jd sudahnye, kalo approve pon tak gune la..dah la nak approve sblom ni susah..ape ntah lagi nak approve malam khamis nnti..haih..sedih sgt..nape la leh jadi mcm ni mase dah nak perform..lest than one week je kot..sedih sesangat...sedih sesangat..

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