Tuesday, September 2, 2008

sleeping late night

salam and hye..
i've been spending a lot of time surfing the internet and thus i've sleeping quite late lately. I know it's not a good idea but i dont know, i enjoy doing it.lol.with cik nyamuk mingling around me bothering me with my so called work..gatal la kena gigit..kalau satu dua takpe la..ni gigit bebanyak plak..melampau..sape la yg suro aku tido lambat kan?tp aku sbenarnye bukannye buat keje pon..aku buang mase check email...check friendster aku..ni plak tulis2 kat blog..gile menipu..haha..biar la..aku tak leh la..tiap kali aku turn on pc mesti aku nak online..kalau tak online seminit aku leh jadi sawan..tp bile aku dh online bkn nye aku watpe sgt pon..saje buang mase..gile mengade..
oh yeah btw, i have my own vital reason of why i turned on my pc and onlining tonigt..i was waiting for an important guest that turned out to be a very waste of time. I knew it and i thougt so..well it wasnt happening the way i want it to happen..probably we had nothing much to say and he was just not in mood to talk to anyone..but he started the conversation..and what pissed me off was he left me for his games..so what is your intention at the first place?say hello and then byebye?i was really hoping for something sweet and meaningful..but it was totally a waste..
marah aku tau..bengang sangat..len kali kalau tak nak borak tak payah la..buat sakit ati org je..
anyway, sebenarnye aku pon tak leh nak bengang sangat sebab dia dengan aku takde kaitan so basically he is not mine so i can decide on what his action shoud be..imagine la aku ni gile and ntah pape la..shameless..haha..
dah la..ckp byk pon tak gune gak..bukan dia nak pon..takpe la..aku dah rase ngantuk and i think it's time for me to end up my writing tonigt and if i am free i will come again and jot something..till then..bye and wassalam..