Thursday, February 19, 2009

kelegaan yang tak terkata!

Salam everyone..
Mula2 aku nak ucapkan syukur Alhamdulillah..akhirnye Alahai..soto berjaya dipentaskan dgn jayanye..hehe..wlupun kami byk menghadapi masalah pada awal2 dulu but we managed to overcome the difficulties together and we did our very best! I really gonna miss all the precious moments i had with all the casts and isnt always about having fun but it is for us to learn and discover new experience with different types of people..but you'll grab something precious out of it and they are the friendship, happiness, caring and lots more..and this will make our lives even berseri2 because we complement each other..salah faham itu perkara biasa tp ape yg lebih penting is that we should know the weaknesses within ourselves and willing to accept what and how people think about you..communication helps a lot..ape yg aku merepek ni???
anyway, aku rase sangat terhutang budi kepada producer, director, asst director, stage manager and asst stage manager for putting your trust in me and trusting me in making this event successful with the help of others..and for the rest of you, you guys have taught me too many lesson for me to count and gave me too many laughs that i wanted to cry..waaa!!!!but that is how it goes..cume aku harap aku dapat la bekerja sama lagi dgn korang and aku harap hubungan kite kekal sampai ke akhir hayat kita..InsyaAllah...

p/s aku sayang korang sume sampai mati!!!

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