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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cant think straight!

salam..and hye people..
it has been a long time since i've stopped writing..well, kind of busy (padahal malas..haha)..hmmm, so what's new? too many..first of all, i'll be having my final exam soon and it is almost the end of the semester but i still have assigments that need to be submitted and i'm so exhausted..i have a research to be presented and tak start sepatah haram pon..good jue..i have a video presentation which i still have no idea what the lecturer really wants..bukan masalah ape, aku igt kan dah hujung2 sem ni dah tak yah nak pikir pasal assigment rupe2nye ade lagi..dah la subjek2 sem ni susah tahap gaban..aku leh jamin la aku repeat sume paper..haha..amek target nak lulus aku target nak fail..ape la jue ni tak berwawasan langsung..
dah la tu aku skang rase dah patah semangat untuk teruskan perjuangan aku dalam menimba ilmu..aku rase makin banyak aku belajar makin dungu dan bodoh aku jadinye..haish..camne ni?i cant figure anything but rather things are mixed and tangled up and i have no solutions for all the problems i'm having right now..huhu...jiwa kacau sungguh dah aku's either i cant think straight anymore or im simply not using my brain to think..try to be more sensible jue..ha?did i just say that to myself??haih, ckp senangla..but it's not as easy as it seems yet, i know it's not as difficult and horrible as it sounds...but still, the problems are still there in my head and it blocked the neurons and whatever it is called and thus i've stopped thinking...argghghh ape la yang aku mrepek ni..i need advice!!anyone????