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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


salam and anyong...yeay!! i'm in a good mood today though things are not going the way i want it to be..anyway, takde ape yg best sgt cume ari ni aku nak kongsi cerita sikit la pasal aku, aku dan aku..duh!!takkan pasal korang plak kan?..haha..

Last night was IIUM theatre club's annual grand dinner and meeting..dah namenye pon grand+dinner+meeting=C.A.N.T.I.K...haha..oh yeah did i mention about the theme? it was a masquerade party kind of thing..(as usual, i dont need a mask,i'm the mask..haha..) everyone was so pretty, fancy,masky (i know there's no such thing as masky),and what comes along with it..aku ni plak dgn geng2 aku yang comot lagi selekeh ni pon masuk la dengan muke yg tak de perubahan..cantik pon tidak..berseri pon tidak..comel jauh skali..

When i got in there, i regretted. the fact that i didn't have a mask..sbb aku rase mcm salah tema and salah lain bukan main cantik lagi tp aku ni..hampeh..hahaha..yg berkebaya..yg berabaya..yg berjubah kaler..mask tak yah cite la..bulu2..hitam..merah..macam2.. dan serta merta aku rase mcm shrinking..yeah how to pathetic to be me and i dont care..lantak la..

But last night was fun..despite of the shrinking part, everything was fine..and i also took some pictures with my friends and all..the mission was to take as much picture as possible..berjaya la jgk..huhu..that's all..tak larat nak type lagi dah..

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