Monday, April 12, 2010

another post

setelah begitu lame aku tak post ape-ape kt blog ni tibe2 je jari aku ni gatal nak menaip berkongsi aktiviti aku untuk hari tu la masalahnye, bile aku bkk blog je aku tak tau nk cakap pasal ape..erm, maybe i can talk about my friends..sharing to you about how i'm feeling right now..

time is moving so fast that i just realized that too many things have changed. well obviously it is not only me. everything changes. i just talked to one of my friends who recently finished her studies and she is going to start working tomorrow. happy to hear it although it is only for 2 months. she was telling me how she is freaking out and is so nervous about what is going to happen tomorrow and also about her job. well that is not the point, what i intended to tell actually is the fact that we are moving towards a new life and that life is career..since i have another semester of studying, i think it is almost time for me to find some job that suits me and it IS the time for me to change and be more grown up. I'm not sure if that is really necessary but it is important somehow.

i'm not sure whether i'm ready for this. It freaks me out too i mean at one time i'm going to be working like her and dealing with many people and doing my job and many other stuffs to think about. i'm worried about my abilities. *sigh* i'm thinking too much of it that i end up with bad thoughts. Hmm, i think i need to be more optimistic. that is necessary for all i know..

now, i need to do some serious thinking..right...


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